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A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Kazunari Koga and I had the privilege of presenting at this year’s SMTA Pan Pacific Symposium in Kauai, Hawaii. It’s not often you get to go to Hawaii for a business trip, but in our case, it was definitely worth the effort in attending and participating at this […]

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Today I welcome John Bessant, an academic leader specializing in innovation. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting him and chatting more about what he believes is most important for being good at innovation. Innovation remains a risky business. For many technology leaders, it’s essential. Even for those further away from delivering cutting edge […]

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Today I’m talking about a major European project I am involved in, EM4EM (Electromagnetic Reliability and Electronic Systems for Electromobility), that looks at electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in electronic design systems for electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, I’m pleased to be able to call it an award-winning project with links to the glamourous side of the […]

Post image for UAS Esslingen Formula Student Team 2014 Use E3.series and Maintain Top 10 World Ranking

2014 was a big year for the young engineers involved in the Formula Student program at the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen. This year the two separate teams combined to one, to create a set of two similar cars sharing much of the same technology, one competing in the combustion engine category and another […]

Protect Your ECAD Intellectual Property Before It’s Too Late

by Craig Armenti January 6, 2015 Electronic/PCB Design Blog Posts
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Amidst the crazy festive season, counterfeit products are rife. Failure to protect your IP can have a huge impact through the loss of potential sales, which brings me to talking about how you can protect your ECAD library and PCB design data. You might be familiar with TV shows like Shark Tank or Dragons’ Den, […]

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The New Shape of Space

by Steve Chidester December 5, 2014 Uncategorized
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It’s an exciting time for space programs around the world, as players take part beyond the U.S., Russia, and the European Space Agency (ESA). India, China and Iran are all in on the action, reaching for the moon, Mars, and beyond. Very different from the days when the US/USSR “space race” was running at full […]

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