Post image for PCB West 2014 – It has been a year already!

As you may remember about a year ago, Zuken announced an investment and commitment to the US market. The announcement was made at PCB West 2013 with Zuken’s COO and CTO attending. An important part of the announcement was the opening of an R&D facility in Silicon Valley to be closer to our users. The […]

Post image for Low-cost PCB design software for the budget conscious designer

Remember your first cellular phone or computer purchase? If you are like most consumers, you researched options looking for a product that was both affordable and scalable. Affordable because this was your first purchase and you wanted to minimize risk, and scalable to protect any subsequent investment in data such as documents, movies or music. […]

Post image for How to Save Time Managing Options and Variants in Wire Harness Design

The majority of electrical designers have to contend with options and variants and the resulting harness families and derivatives. Today I’m going to investigate the source of these differences and explain how you can save time in updating the associated data. You’re likely familiar with the offsetting game when creating harnesses that can be reused […]

EDA vendor integration

Today I’m going to be talking about the gradual convergence of EDA single tools to integrated systems. In the early days of HiFi home entertainment systems, specialist vendors provided separate record (vinyl!) decks, amplifiers and speakers, then left it to the ingenuity of the customer to build their own system – they still do for […]

Zuken Event App – What Kind of Event Animal Are You?

by Sally Wilkes July 13, 2014 Electrical
Thumbnail image for Zuken Event App – What Kind of Event Animal Are You?

When it comes to attending events, we are all different animals. Some give little thought to where they’re going, then bounce right in like a puppy and enjoy meeting everyone in sight. Others like to soar like an eagle surveying their environment, planning and spotting potential targets. And there are those who, like chimpanzees, use all […]

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Zuken Innovation World 2014 Kicks It In the Net

by Dionne Hayman July 8, 2014 Electrical
Thumbnail image for Zuken Innovation World 2014 Kicks It In the Net

Let me tear you away from the World Cup for a moment to talk about Zuken Innovation World (ZIW) Conferences in Europe and America, which just wrapped up the other week at our final event in Italy. Our ZIWs are a bit like the World Cup, with lots of excitement and planning running up to […]

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