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E³.series Training goes On-line with E³.schematic Course Now Available

At the end of my last post I mentioned that we’d begun work on our next e-Training project, E³.series Schematic.  The first time around, I was well-versed in Design Gateway, so I was my own technical expert.  Now, E³.series is a tool I’d never even installed much less understood its function and purpose.  So I had to enlist the support of Zuken’s local resident E³.series expert, Geoff Lydon.

With the added challenge of fitting time into each of our respective travel schedules and other projects, this time around, the development period took close to a year.  But we persevered and now we are finally done!  Another, 100 2-minute scripts written, voice recordings and perfectly matching AVI movies adds up to yet another e-Training course that is sure to please and educate our customer base.  So now I am once again proud to say, we are ready to deliver Zuken’s 2nd on-line training course – E³.series Schematic!

First E3.series web training course now available: E3.schematic

First E3.series web training course now available: E3.schematic

What’s next?

What’s next is a good question.  Since the concept of e-Training within Zuken USA has emerged, the interest of more courses has escalated and the requests seem to continue to flow in.  I am happy to admit I really enjoy the process of creating these e-Training courses so I don’t mind the extra demands these projects place on my schedule.

Currently we have many courses that are under development.   Here is a list of just a few:

  • E³.series 2010 Update Training – Available Now!
  • E³.series Cable – Coming your way in late 2011
  • E³.series 2011 Update Training – Coming your way in late 2011
  • Design Gateway – Available Now! (as discussed in a previous post)
  • Design Gateway Hierarchy Add-On Module – almost done! (Available end of August 2011)
  • DS-2 / Design Gateway Integration Modules – Coming your way in 2012

This is the short list but there are others in the queue which I will reveal in future blog posts.  So stay tuned as Zuken takes training to a new level.


If you’ve taken one of our on-line classes, enter a comment below and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you.

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