E3.series and E3.WireWorks: North American Standards

Delvin Masilamani from Javelin Technologies, an authorized E3.WireWorks reseller based in Canada, recently posted about North American standards in E3.series and E3.WireWorks. We liked it so much that we thought we’d share it with you – enjoy.

I’ve had a few questions come up about how to use the North American Standards toolbar in the past few weeks so I decided to write about this tool.

E3 has an automatic labeling feature which comes as a Toolbar plugin called NA Standards.




Enable Button

Enable ButtonThis button allows you to toggle on and off the automatic naming functionality based on the ladder format and will display a message to indicate that it is active. Pressing the button again will de-activate the functionality. The behavior is written to a settings file and will remember the state from session to session.

Update All Devices

Update All DevicesShould the tool have been disabled for any reason or if you wish to apply the naming convention to an existing project, which does not adhere to the ladder naming convention, then it is possible to use this button to update all the existing devices based on the values set in the configuration described later in this document.

Wire Numbering

Wire NumberingIn order to create the Wire Numbers in the project, based on the settings described later in this document, the above commands can be activated. Depending upon which command is selected, the numbering is generated for the current open sheet in the project, or all sheets in the project

Configuration – Device Naming

Configuration - Device NamingClicking on the Configuration icon displays the Configure Device Name dialog

The Device Naming tab contains all the settings used to configure the device naming format.

Click here for more details on setting this configuration.

Configuration – Wire Numbering

Configuration - Wire NumberingThe Wire Numbering tab contains all the settings used to configure the wire numbering format.

The entries found in the list boxes allow you to select which attributes are used to define the Wire naming format; the attributes in the right-hand list box indicate the selected entries and also the sequence. Required entries are selected from the left list box and can be moved up and down to set the correct outcome.

Note: It is a good practice before using the wire numbering tool to always purge unused wires & signal to avoid irregularity.

Click here for more details on setting this configuration.


This entry is reposted with permission from Javelin Technologies, a Toronto, Canada-based E3.WireWorks reseller. The post’s author is Delvin Masilamani, who handles training, implementation and support at Javelin. 

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