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Is Planned Obsolescence Immoral?

Is Planned Obsolescence Immoral?

A Swiss colleague recently mentioned to me that many of his customers in the machinery and industrial equipment industry are burdened by the longevity of their products. Some were designed and manufactured so well that many customers saw no need for replacement – even after decades of service. An interesting aspect!

Boating Technology and Systems of Systems Design

Hold Your Position

As a boating enthusiast, I appreciate the beauty of an older mahogany run-about, the finely painted details of a sailboat and the flash and bling of a high performance off-shore go-fast gas guzzler. And let’s not forget the indulgence of a mega yacht that many of us dream of boarding for a gathering for a few hours for some serious dream building and mingling.

Vehicle Systems

A System of Systems Design Approach

The traditional PCB-centric design process is being replaced by a system-centric process. The system can be defined as the final product (e.g., camera) or one of the many components that comprise a product (e.g., 1 of 80 electronic control units in a car). Product complexity is driving this profound shift away from a focus on detailed design toward a systems engineering approach.