Author: Andy Buja

Design Force Double Sided Mirroring Components

Tech Tip: Mirroring Routed Double-sided Components in CR-8000 Design Force

A common task that is often dreaded among PCB designers is having to relocate a large point-count BGA that’s fanned out, and even partially escaped routed, to the opposite side of a PCB. This tech tip demonstrates how to embed routed patterns into components to make them easy to move and then mirror the components on the opposite sides of the design. 

Boating Technology and Systems of Systems Design

Hold Your Position

As a boating enthusiast, I appreciate the beauty of an older mahogany run-about, the finely painted details of a sailboat and the flash and bling of a high performance off-shore go-fast gas guzzler. And let’s not forget the indulgence of a mega yacht that many of us dream of boarding for a gathering for a few hours for some serious dream building and mingling.

Embedding Passive Components in Design Force

Tech Tip: Embedding Passive Components in Design Force

When it comes to advanced miniaturization of electronic products such as wearables and mobile devices, it is crucial that your design process utilize tools that meet and exceed engineering requirements. In this video, we will show how embedded passive devices are created and how they can be moved from layer to layer in Design Force.

CADSTAR Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity & Power Integrity Movies for CADSTAR

Are you looking to increase the capabilities and complexity of your PCBs designed within CADSTAR? Maybe you’ve got pressure to deliver more functionality from others within the product development team, but are unsure how to deal with the resulting signal integrity and power integrity issues?