Author: Dionne Knowles

Top 5 Design Issues

The 5 Top Design Issues: ECAD/MCAD Integration, PLM Integration, Data Management, Augmented Reality and PCB Package Co-Design

At this year’s annual conferences (ZIW) across Europe we brought together leading companies in their fields to discuss some of the design community’s the latest electrical and electronic design issues including: ECAD/MCAD integration, PLM integration, augmented reality and PCB package co-design.

Cyber Cell Technology

Defense Industry Spotlight: MSPO 2016 and Cyber Cell Technology

Last month I visited Poland’s major defense show, MSPO, for the first time. Because I’d visited DSEI in London last year I was familiar with the military grandeur that you only experience at one of these big defense industry events. But the difference at MSPO is that although it’s huge and the general investment in the show is visible, it’s much more hands-on. The event has grown in its 24 years to become the third largest defense show in Europe.