Author: Griff Derryberry

Power Integrity Distribution

Power Integrity and Power Distribution Design Tips

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar concerning power integrity. It was a primer on power distribution systems and how to address the issue of getting enough charge to high frequency devices. This prompted me to write this blog post and share some of the ideas that you can implement immediately.

Complex PCB Design

How to Implement Signal Integrity Screening: Guidelines for PCB Designers: Part 2

Why would you as a PCB designer take on this task of signal integrity screening? Clearly, I am suggesting adding to your already compressed schedule – I can’t deny that fact. And by performing this action, we are departing from traditional placement and routing activities. But hold on, before you switch off – when proposing this action to designers, some have actively told me that they want to increase their value in the design process. Others desire a better understanding of the effects of their routing choices, and a few totally embraced the idea on its own merits – the overall time and money savings for the organization.