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MCAD is from Mars, ECAD is from Venus

Linda Mazzitelli, PTC’s Product Management Director, goes on to explain how the collaboration between MCAD and ECAD is vital to the success of any electromechanical design process.

Machine Learning

Validating the Safety of the Next Generation of Autonomous Driving Systems

Truly autonomous driving systems completely remove the driver from the control loop. A new generation of simulation solutions has the potential to substantially contribute to validating the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles, helping to reduce time to market by reducing the amount of road testing required to demonstrate the vehicle’s safety.

Metal Additive Electronics Cooling

Metal Additive Helps Overcome Tough Electronics Cooling Challenge

Man-carried military communication systems often consume large amounts of power. The heat must be removed from the electronics package to avoid frying sensitive electronic components. The package typically is designed to be carried in a backpack which often puts difficult constraints on the form factor and weight of the system.