Author: Jeroen Leinders


Need 3D Models for your ECAD & MCAD Analysis? Create them yourself with CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

We all like the job to be done for us. But the reality is that you’re nearly always stuck with just a few 3D models left to populate your board model, and they are nowhere to be found on the internet. Rather than accepting the less than accurate 2.5D extrusion for your chassis and collision analysis, you can use CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite to generate accurate models in minutes.


CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite 9.1 now available

Did you know Board Modeler is a full 3D modeler for close collaboration with your MCAD department? Did you know it has been available with CADSTAR for many years? You can import or export mechanical constraints like chassis and heatsinks through STEP, ACIS (SAT), STL or simply IDF.

PCB Design iPad App

The Smart Phone and Tablet App for CADSTAR

This free CADSTAR Touch app allows you to use your iPhone, iPad or Android device as a secondary wireless controller with CADSTAR, for simultaneous control of the view and program functions. Not only does it let you pan and zoom the display view, but you can also execute CADSTAR’s user defined macros.