Author: Jeroen Leinders

CADSTAR Design Rule Errors

CADSTAR 14 is Like a Box of Confections: So Many Wonderful New Options in One Package

In PCB design there are often accepted errors (maybe a spacing error between component placement boundaries that you know will be not be a problem in assembly); you know they are there, but they won’t cause any problems in manufacturing and later on in the product’s functionality.Recently, a number of our users have made comments along the lines of: “I just want to be able to show the production engineer that this error is OK; not on the covering email, but within the design itself.”

Solar Storm

University of Oslo Expands CADSTAR Use to Design Weather Satellite to Research Effects of Solar Storms

Over recent years, we’ve been expanding our support and presence within educational institutions including the University of Oslo in Norway. The Department of Physics has used CADSTAR since 1987. Recently they have made the decision to expand their use of CADSTAR to reflect the market demand for CADSTAR (Price / Performance PCB design) engineering skills in their region. One of their current design projects sees them using CADSTAR for the design of a new miniature space weather satellite called the CubeSTAR mission.