Author: Martin Santen

E3.SaberFrameway: Avoid Failures in Electrical Design

How E3.SaberFrameway Can Help You Avoid System Failures in Your Electrical Designs

The E3.saberframeway add-on module, that interfaces between Synopsys’s Saber software and Zuken’s E³.series electrical design environment, means that you can carry out functional checks on your wiring and fluid designs and optimize your existing circuits. But there is also a group of people who use this for scatter analysis. With high volume and mass produced products there is a certain degree of scatter in quality. To avoid system failures it is important to carry-out worst-case simulation.

E3 Saber Frameway

Integrating Synopsys Saber Simulator with E3.series… Why?

You might be aware that we’ve been working with Synopsys for some years now, partnering together with our solutions to provide an integrated design flow for engineers. I’m pleased to report things are still going really well and we continue to work on improving the integration between our tools. That’s the cool thing about not developing and controlling all the design tools for the whole design cycle, is that we get to pick and choose to work with some of the best players and technology in the market place to complement our innovative technology.