Author: Nikola Kontic

3D Experience

The Top Three Things Engineers Use 3D for in CADSTAR

We live in a 3D world (OK, four if you count time). Over a decade ago 3D made a comeback in cinemas. And in the world of engineering, most mechanical design engineers have worked in 3D for decades. But it’s only relatively recently that electrical/electronic engineers have been able to fully join the 3D world – and wow, what a difference it’s made!

Protect PCB Design Intellectual Property

How to Protect PCB Design Intellectual Property

It’s easy to get complacent about this topic, but it’s important to remember that a company’s IP is often the basis for its competitive advantage. As products are created, the manufacturing is commonly outsourced to Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies. Without IP management or protection, your new product can be cloned by a competitor or an unknown third party. IP protection laws vary across the globe so the best approach is to protect your IP before it leaves your company.

Engineering Shortage

Engineering Skills Shortage – Reality or Media Hype?

Here’s the paradox – high unemployment in the world’s skilled labor market, but companies are complaining about not having the right candidates. There seems to be no shortage of engineers out there eager to learn and get involved; but finding people with the right niche skillset and experience who can hit the ground running is tough, particularly if you are at the forefront of new technology.