Author: Sanu Warrier

Space Industry Transformation

Technological Advancements Transform Space into a Broader Information Enterprise

The space industry is engaged in a remarkable technological transformation from primarily government-driven stand-alone projects to a private industry-driven supply chain collaborating to create exciting new services for businesses and consumers. The key technology trends that are driving the new space industry are recyclable and smaller launch vehicles that are reducing the cost of putting satellites into orbit. Another key trend is smaller satellites, weighing from less than one to a few hundred pounds, that lower the barrier to entry for new space applications.

Engineering Green Technology

The Irony of Green Technology and Engineering Departments

Green technology and saving the environment is two of the biggest common challenges facing all industries. The economic progress we are aiming for to a large part seems counter intuitive when we must expend less energy and be more mindful of our product designs. The cradle to grave assessment is imperative and must form the basis of any design environment.