Author: Tom Warneke

Tech Tip: Managing Variants, part 3

Tech Tip: Managing Variants, part 3

Forward and back-annotation between the parts list and schematic improves design process efficiency and accuracy. In this post, number three of a three-part series, I will show how to compare the schematic and parts...

Managing Variants, part 1

Tech-Tip: Managing Variants, Part 1

“Variants have several benefits but take some planning and organization to implement. As discussed in this blog, a robust schematic capture application will manage the data to make variants less burdensome to implement and maintain.
My next post will show how all this information is used in the Component List Master, one of the DS-CR ePDM modules.”

Exporting search results

Tech Tip: Exporting Search Results

Exporting Search Results Background This brief video shows you how exporting search results to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file works. A repeated support call topic is how to export a long list of...