Author: Wolfgang Heinrichs

Managing Data for High-tech Companies

What High Tech Industries Can Learn about Managing Data from the Early Days of CAD

Because I’ve been in the electrical/electronics (E/E) engineering industry for such a long time, I can still remember drawing PCB layouts manually. We would then work out the connection lengths of wire harnesses by laying out waxed cord lacing on a physical prototype. Managing design data was fairly simple: from drawings to parts lists and specifications, everything was visible and physically tangible on a paper document – though more prone to coffee spills and unintentional loss! Later, with the help of CAD Tools, engineering specifications and drawings went digital and the number of files handled grew with the performance of the tools.

Realizing DAMA

The 3 Essential Steps to Realizing DAMA (Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere) Within Your Organization

No one said auditing was fun, but there is no playing dodge ball on this one. It’s really important to gain a deep understanding of the structure and organization of the current enterprise and this doesn’t mean sitting back and delving around in your IT structures. I’m talking here about interviewing engineers, purchasing staff, manufacturing managers and general management. Yes that’s correct, actually talking to them.