E3.series Review

CADdigest.com review our E³.series Electrical CAD Software – ‘For the design of a product’s soul’

Recently we sent Jason Brett, a contributing writer at CADdigest, a copy of our E3.series software. It’s time to let the software speak for itself…

“If mechanical CAD packages are for designing the skeleton of a machine, then the E3.series software from Zuken is for designing its soul,” said Jason.

I thought this was a rather cool perspective.

Jason spent some time going through the electrical design components of E3.series and summed it up like this:

“I was very impressed by how easily E3.series handled a wide range of electrical design tasks. I didn’t have nearly enough time to explore its hydraulic and pneumatic abilities as I would have liked, but based on what I did see, I would expect they are as thoroughly thought-out as the electrical tools.”

In his article here you can find a full review and he goes step by step through the software.

“I found E3.series to be fast, powerful and efficient.”

Jason finished his final note:

“If you need an electrical CAD solution, or are currently using a mechanical CAD package to do electrical design work, you would be well-advised to explore the abilities of Zuken’s E3.series software.”

If that’s left you wondering where you can find out more, click on the links below:

Already using E3.series? – Share your thoughts on this review.

What do you think of Jason’s review? Did he leave out any key factors you find invaluable?

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