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CADSTAR 14 is Like a Box of Confections: So Many Wonderful New Options in One Package

You know how it is when another new release of software comes along and you think, ‘Is it worth installing this now, or should I wait for the next release?’

Well, you might want to consider CADSTAR 14 now, as some of the new features may just make a big difference to your next design!

Create ‘accepted’ errors

First up is a new check when you go to Manufacturing Export to verify that there are no DRC errors in the design, so you don’t accidentally send your manufacturer a dataset that includes a couple of errors you planned to fix later.

In PCB design there are often accepted errors (maybe a spacing error between component placement boundaries that you know will be not be a problem in assembly); you know they are there, but they won’t cause any problems in manufacturing and later on in the product’s functionality.Recently, a number of our users have made comments along the lines of: “I just want to be able to show the production engineer that this error is OK; not on the covering email, but within the design itself.”

So now the DRC feature lets you classify any DRC error as ‘accepted’ – and you can focus on the important issues, but still retain the list of accepted errors for your quality audit.

Quick draw

‘Off Screen Drawing’ may not sound so important, but it gives you up to 10 times better redraw speed on many graphics cards and I certainly notice the difference on my PC.

Flexible pin names

Advanced control for alphanumeric pin numbers reduces time in part development

One of the major new features in CADSTAR 14 is the move to support true alphanumeric pin names, so now you can:

  • Have components with non-sequential pin numbers
  • Quickly create even the largest or most complex BGA with automatic Jedec pin naming, using the new Wizards
  • Create Parts in the Library Editor faster than ever before.

So don’t wait –  take a look at CADSTAR 14 and investigate some of the features that I know will help you improve productivity and accuracy. It’s available now.

Discover CADSTAR

  • Want an introduction to CADSTAR? Watch our movie below
  • Learn more about CADSTAR 14 on the Zuken website
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  • CADSTAR Express –  enjoy all the functionality of CADSTAR free  (comes with limited pins and components)
  • CADSTAR Free Trial – 30 days of unlimited functionality
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Jeroen Leinders, born on 16th June 1965 is worldwide CADSTAR Distribution Manager of Zuken. He has been working for Zuken since 1999, first being in charge of the CADSTAR Sales in Belgium and the Netherlands, before being appointed as worldwide Distribution Manager in June 2001. Since then he has been involved in product planning and product marketing of Zuken's PCB Design solution CADSTAR. He has a diploma in electronics and been involved in electronic product design and manufacturing since 1985 and has gathered over 20 years of experience in several positions at various high-tech companies such as Zuken, ACS and Philips.