Saving Time and Money

E3.series Helped Two Companies Integrate Their Supply Chain, Saving Time and Money

When companies identify ways of making huge time savings in their supply chain that are then proven in practise, it’s great news all round. I recently heard how David Mullan and the team at High Peak (one of our UK electrical resellers) are working with Emergency One (fire engine manufacturer) and their harness manufacturer, Teepee Electrical.

Mobius Motors

Finding Inspiration for Innovation in an African Automotive Game-Changer

I recently read an article about an up-and-coming automotive manufacturer that’s beginning to make a splash in a niche market. Starting off with a complete rethink of vehicle design, their main aim is to create a car that’s easy to maintain and has a low long-term cost of ownership. The company built a new platform, carried out extensive research into their potential customer base, and set up local manufacturing facilities.