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Accelerated Electrical Designs with Excel and E3.series

Tech Tip: Accelerated Electrical Designs with Excel and E3.series

We are all looking to gain productivity in our design cycle to save time and reduce costs. A good method to get a head start is to use Excel or a .csv file to get the design started and load devices into you project.
The most common application is to load the connectors and signals from Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in the electrical design. Blocks can be used to represent systems and the Excel sheet can help you get the system information from other teams or 3rd party vendors.

Is Planned Obsolescence Immoral?

Is Planned Obsolescence Immoral?

A Swiss colleague recently mentioned to me that many of his customers in the machinery and industrial equipment industry are burdened by the longevity of their products. Some were designed and manufactured so well that many customers saw no need for replacement – even after decades of service. An interesting aspect!