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E3.series Off Sheet Connections

Tech Tip: Creating Off Sheet Connections in E3.series

This video walks through the process of creating connections that span more than one page in E3.series. This process comes in handy if your schematic sheet gets too crowded or your signal continues to another part of the schematic. When you assign off sheet connectors, the system understands that the signal continues onto a different sheet(s).

Electrical Design and Yummy Green Chicken

Electrical Design and Yummy Green Chicken

The burning question here (no pun intended) must be, “What does chicken have to do with electrical design?” and in truth, the answer is absolutely nothing! The thought of Green Chicken came to mind because of the warm days in the middle of winter – I wanted to fire up the barbeque. Many of my camping trips and barbeques would have been less memorable without the inclusion of this dish. If I am going camping with my friends, it is automatically expected that Green Chicken will be on the menu. Having said that, there are some great parallels to be drawn between cooking and design, give this recipe a try and let me know how it turned out.


What Does Success Look Like for Your Project?

More often than not, our customers are less interested in the core functionality of the software than the goals and objectives they need to achieve when using it. These are usually product development projects with deadlines, cost and performance targets, alongside project management and coordination efforts. So, success for our customers is only achieved if the tools are deployed in a way that supports the company’s product development process and its related requirements.

Electrical Design Configuration with E3.series

Tech Tip: How to Make Configurable Electrical Designs with E3.series

The automation or configurability of designs is a goal every team wants to achieve, but most teams haven’t seen success mainly due to not having the right tool to get the job done. Electrical design tools that were once used by a vast number of companies originally came as extensions of mechanical design tools, or were very often just basic drafting tools. The ability to create exceptional designs without errors and do it in a fraction of the time required by other tools is the major reason why E3.series is so effective in helping design teams.