Electrical & Wire Harness

Wire Harness

An In-depth Look at Zuken’s New Harness Builder 2018 for E3.series

Harness Builder 2018 for E3.series is packed with new features and customer-driven enhancements with a focus on the manufacturing side of the process with the addition of new direct driving exports and documentation. New enhancements include an innovative way to display the wires on front or back images of connectors and within the tables located next to connectors on the formboard drawings. This assists the assembler with visualizing which colored wires go into the designated connector cavities and can greatly increase harness build speed while limiting errors.

Simulate DC Circuit Behavior

Tech Tip: How to Simulate DC Circuit Behavior in E3.series

E3.series electrical and wire harness design software can be used in combination with Saber Simulation software by Synopsys to simulate the behavior of a DC circuit. By installing the add-on tool E3.SaberFrameway, users can access the E3.Saber toolbar, which enables the design and configuration or schematic created within E3.series to be net-listed and passed automatically to the Saber Simulator and plot file for result viewing.

Attribute List

Tech Tip: Creating Attribute Lists in E3.series

In this video, we’ll walk through the process of creating an attribute list of values for a specific attribute. This makes it extremely easy to select a value from a pulldown instead of wondering if you have the correct syntax for a given value. Using the list feature ensures a constant and correct value entry.