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ECAD Automation Tools

Using Automated ECAD Tools When Quoting Wire Harnesses

Generating quotes for manufacturing can be a complicated and cumbersome process. It’s a complaint I’ve heard often across many industries. While precious resources are dedicated to tracking parts, long lead items, part costs vs. labor, etc., the manual process leads to gaps, errors and delays. This will hurt your bottom line across the board. 

CR-8000 Design Force Fanout

Tech Tip: Fanout using CR-8000 Design Force Dragon EX

CR-8000’s Design Force Dragon EX tool can be used to fanout BGAs. Simply draw a Dragon area around your BGA. Then select the Dragon area and create a strategy to fanout the pads of your BGA. You can create steps to fanous pads based on signal names. The ground pins can be fanned out to the ground plane layer using a specified via. You can control the layers used, fanout direction, and vias.