Coburn Formula Student Team

From Zuken Innovation World to the Race Track with Coburg Formula Student Race Team

CAT Racing, the Zuken-sponsored Formula Student race team from Germany’s University of Applied Sciences Coburg made a strong appearance both at the ZIW Germany conference where we celebrated our 40th anniversary as a company and – even more important, one week later at the race track in Varano de´ Melegari in Italy, where the team secured a clear win in their class.

Guys, this was one birthday present!

Formula StudentI have been a close observer of Formula Student for the last 10+ years. This has been as much a personal interest as a hobbyist wrench-monkey as well as a sponsor in my role as a marketing guy. It is quite impressive how this racing series has grown from being a side activity during university time to pretty much a full-time effort on a professional level. The quality of engineering and amount of energy and passion that go into these cars is stunning. Needless to say that on this level, perfection to the very last detail will make the difference.

Of course, having supported various teams in my time at PTC and now Zuken, I wish all of them well. However, seeing a team from my home town Coburg win, is very special indeed.

At our conference, I noticed Zuken’s CTO, Kazuhiro Kariya, showing great interest in the team and the car.  I need to check what he discussed with the team. Perhaps he had some ideas that will make my own vehicles go faster…

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