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Creating BGA Fan-outs Manually Can Account for 25-30% of Your PCB Design Time – Let’s Automate

Hello PCB Designers,

As I am preparing for ZDAC, I couldn’t help but wonder about those users that have access to the CADSTAR P.R.Editor application but do not use it for its fan-out capability.  If this sounds like you then please consider this…

Creating manual fan-outs can account for 25-30% of your design time!

Did you know you can save fan-outs and escape patterns and reuse them over and over again?
– For the entire design too – so this means that your next design shouldn’t take as long.

Fanning out high pin-count BGAs can be a simple one click operation, and creating escape patterns from the fan-outs can be done automatically as well.  How long did you spend on your last PCB design on the BGA components alone?

Over the past several years I have taught many introductory classes on P.R.Editor.  I always enjoying seeing the looks of wonder and satisfaction on students’ faces when they go through the fan-out exercises and realize the time savings potential that has been right at their fingertips all along.  Attend Z-DAC this year and you can learn the same techniques.  The session I’m presenting, Conquering High Pin-count Devices with Fan-out and Escape Routing, will open up new territory in your PCB design process.

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Andy Buja supports many disciplines of the Zuken Solutions family. In addition to providing both post and presales support to Zuken Customers and Partners, he focuses on crafting Zuken Solutions to meet emerging technology requirements. Mr. Buja has been a member of the Zuken team and its predecessors since 1985.

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