Design and Manufacturing Rising Star India

Over recent years you’ll likely have known India for its ‘made in India’ tag, cricket, IT, and telecoms service industries – but this is changing.

The second most populous nation in the world, with well over a billion people, continues to be one of the mighty developing countries that boast world-leading economic growth figures. It’s a country demanding to be taken notice of. We’ve certainly noticed the changes and opportunities, and have joined the growing numbers investing in India by opening an office in Bangalore. Zuken is by no means new to India; we’ve been around since the days of Racal Redac through our team of distributors, and we already have a solid customer base in both electrical and electronics areas.

Reasons for India’s Growth

So what can they accredit this success to? One of the main reasons for the recent spike in growth is the government’s highly effective “Make in India” program. A rise of 48 per cent in foreign direct investment was seen in the six months following the program’s launch in September 2014. Indeed last month India was named as the No. 1 place to invest around the world this year in the 2015 Baseline Profitability Index report.

Make in IndiaIt has long been part of India’s strategy to develop the country and encourage foreign direct investment. So now many companies from countries such as Japan, America and Europe are expanding their operations within India in the form of offshore design centers.

Another reason behind this growth is the years of investment that India has put into its education system, which is now coming to fruition. So there is a growing pool of qualified engineers coming through from Indian colleges and universities to help turn the concept of Make in India into a reality.

Defense and Space

As well as achieving general growth, India aims to become self-reliant in providing for its defense needs, with a great deal of investment going into R&D. Over the years, with our strong competences in this area, Zuken has developed a strong presence in this industry and continues to do so. The Space sector is another area we have been thriving in, helped by in-house expertise in the form of a former space scientist (read on for more on Ravishankar, our space man). As a result we are working with most of the companies that operate within the Indian Space Research Organization.


Did you know that the automotive industry within India is one of the largest in the world?

The country produced 23.4 million vehicles last year (ending March 2015) according to The Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers – a growth of 8.7% on the previous year. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford, VW and Hyundai all now manufacture in India, both satisfying growing local consumption and exporting globally. Not to mention home-grown companies such as TATA.

Electronics Hardware Production

Cars and rockets aside, India also has ambitious plans for growing the production of electronics goods, and has set up an economic and business infrastructure of Electronic Hardware Technology Parks and Special Economic Zones. So by 2020 the country estimates that it will reach a total production of a massive $104 billion – according to the IBEF.

Zuken’s Team in India

To meet the demands of this growing market, Zuken India (ZIN) has a team of eight that combines both youth and experience.

Zuken India team

The Zuken India team located in Bangalore.

We have Ramkumar who handles the sales and marketing of Zuken solutions, complemented by support from Sandeep. Then there are two teams providing specialist applications knowledge and support for electronics and electrical solutions.

Electronics Team

  • Application Engineering Manager: Ravishankar is responsible for pre- and post-sales technical support for Zuken’s PCB design tools. He has more than 28 years of experience, including time as a space scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization.
  • Applications Engineers: Ganesh and Hemesh.

Electrical Team

  • Application Engineering Manager: Ramakrishna heads up the application support activity for electrical and wiring harness solutions. He has been working for Zuken since 2004 through the distributor CMR.
  • Applications Engineers: Neethu and Anand.

E3.series User Meeting and Seminar Tour in October

In October 2015 the team are touring around three major cities, including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. Watch out for more information about these events coming on the information superhighway, or direct from your local contact – because you can’t beat talking to and meeting real people!

Thanks for reading about India and our new team. We look forward to hearing about more of India’s successes.

You can contact the Zuken India team via


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