Vitech Genesys 2020 Press Release

Digital Engineering Starts with GENESYS 2020

As you may recall, Zuken acquired Vitech Corporation back in January of 2019 (Zuken to Acquire Vitech Corporation) along with its flagship product, GENESYS 2020. Vitech’s 25 years of systems engineering experience helped Zuken transition into the emerging worlds of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and digital engineering. Vitech brings tremendous MBSE experience to the table. Combine that with Zuken’s detailed design expertise, and it’s turning out to be quite a party.

The challenge of digital engineering is all about making the MBSE model relevant throughout the product life cycle. For example, exposing the verification requirements and allowing engineering to update the status makes the model relevant; that is not happening today. So the model is more or less stuck in systems engineering. As a result, Zuken is working closely with Vitech to build a digital engineering process for electrical and electronic design. To learn more about Zuken’s digital engineering initiative check out our website.

Customer-driven enhancements in GENESYS 2020

The digital engineering process begins with the construction of a robust model using GENESYS. GENESYS 2020 is Vitech’s latest version of its MBSE development platform. Model development is a relatively new and evolving space, therefore, the customer experience is critical in accelerating adoption and productivity. Vitech knows this and has made this newest release about customer-driven enhancements.

Ease of use and productivity

Model construction can be a time-consuming process, especially for a complex model. GENESYS 2020 adds ease of use and efficiency with user-customizable ribbons that can access external applications and run scripts.  Diagrams play a big role in model construction and analysis. GENESYS 2020 automatically generates a rich set of diagrams with guaranteed consistency. Moreover, with the new release, users have greater descriptive capabilities for diagram nodes and labels.

DOORS is a must for many product development companies. GENESYS 2020 allows teams to tailor the exchange of requirements with DOORS, therefore enabling organizations even greater control over critical requirement verification and decision history.

Evolving schema based on user needs

More than 50 years of successful systems engineering practice are captured in the schema that defines the critical concepts and interrelationships. The systems metamodel helps organizations successfully navigate the systems engineering journey from the first concept through the final test. Then, with GENESYS 2020, Vitech continues to refine the schema based on its experiences and insights in the areas of verification and test.

Looking ahead to a new process

This is an exciting time for product development as we enter the world of digital engineering. So while digital engineering describes a model-based development process, GENESYS 2020 is the model development tool. Together, a new and exciting model-based design process can be built for electrical and electronic design. To learn more about GENESYS 2020, check out the Vitech website.

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Bob Potock is Vice President of Marketing for Zuken USA, Inc. and has held positions at companies that include Altium, Mentor Graphics, AT&T Bell Labs and Intel. Bob enjoys living in Colorado and a range of outside activities that include mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing and golf.

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