Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse: Questions to Ask Before You Begin MBSE

Earlier in the year, Zuken was thrilled to announce the acquisition of Vitech Corporation! Vitech is a global solutions company specializing in systems engineering methodology offering products and services directed at the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) market.

Now that we have partnered with Vitech, many of our customers are asking, “What is MBSE?”. We reached out to the experts at Vitech and they shared with us some very helpful blog posts to help get you started along the path to fully understanding MBSE and all of the potential it holds.

This first post lays out the questions to ask before you get started with MBSE:

  • Why make the journey at all?
  • How will we implement MBSE?

With these essential questions answered, you can be assured that your journey down the path of MBSE will be successful.

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