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Top 10 Ways to Improve Electrical and Harness Design in the All-New Release of E3.series 2017 – Part 1

Zuken, with its E3.series suite, is leading the way in helping companies manage, design and develop products of tomorrow with electro-mechanical complexities such as panels, harnesses, PLCs, and fluid controls. The 2017 release is here to help you be faster, smarter and more effective in being a part of great electrical revolution taking over the broader society.

The 2017 release takes aim at 4 main areas based on user input from various industry verticals. We will discuss the details of each in a series of blog posts in the near future…

E3.series 2017


The E3.series story can draw a few parallels to the automotive Industry in saying there is lot more than just 4 wheels that make up a vehicle. You have automation in every facet of building up a vehicle, from the wire harness that connects the electronics in the car, to the automation machinery that helps produce thousands of parts used in putting your favorite car together.

The technological revolution in the automotive industry is such a great story–from the early concepts/experiments starting in 1680, it took almost 200 years to produce a commercially viable engine that that is now somewhat of an ancestor to the engines of today. The great thing about E3.series and the present is you don’t have to wait for 200 years to go from concept to reality!

I have always been a diehard fan of increased automation (also a fan of Die Hard 1,2,3…) and can talk about the user-defined automation through the API for ages. In the interest of everyone’s time we will discuss that in a completely separate post. So, here you have them, the top 10 enhancements that will make a huge difference in the way you use E3.series. They are amazing—and thanks to our awesome developers, you don’t have to write any code to take advantage of them.

Top 10 Features of E3.series 2017

Top 10 features of E3.series 2017

The designs that are needed to make concepts into reality are complex and need to be planned with precision so we can get to the future faster. In this ultra-competitive global market – You don’t need just any tool – you need the best tool for the job. E3.series has consistently shown that the merits of a purpose-built electrical design suite are significantly higher than solutions that are mere after thoughts from the mechanical drafting legacy.

Before my time at Zuken, I remember using E3.series to automate almost 80% of the mundane schematic and panel work. This gave me time to work on board design and embedded programming – I would have never gotten around to doing those things had I not been using E3.series.

I am sure you would agree, ease of use is very important when providing the ability to save time and this release has made giant strides towards making it easier to complete your designs.

Let’s take look at our 1st category in a little more detail – Ease of Use and Time Savings

Intelligent Bulk Component Insertion

  • Quickly add multiple parts from the database to the project
  • Multiple devices can be easily added into schematics and panels based on your selection
  • You can keep placing them and the software will keep giving you new ones right at the click of a mouse … your own schematic butler

Automated Wiring Enhancements – No more drawing wires!?

  • Save time with automated routing of connection between selected parts
  • No need to align them for auto routing (or use easy alignment feature in 2017)
  • Branches and straight connections, it can do it all … no it doesn’t get your coffee!

Automatic Harness Flattening

  • A flattened harness now can keep its original characteristics like branch angles
  • This helps reduce the number of changes needed from the 3D harness
  • Reduce the number of iterations and rework

The development team even thought about small things like mouse clicks and mouse travel that make so much of a difference. There are so many cool things but if I were to list them all we’d have a Top 50 list rather than a Top 10! Not to worry, we will discuss those in future posts so watch this space. In the meantime you can check out the release notes for E3.series 2017. I sure am excited with this release and I know it will pique your interest as well.

Join me next time as we discuss the Cross-functional Productivity Enhancements and Streamlined Quality in more detail.

We want to hear from you on how these enhancements help you and about other areas we can improve to make your lives easier.

P.S.: Join the Zuken User Community in U.S. for discussions, videos and much more. For other regions join our Zuken E3.series Users Network on LinkedIn.

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Sanu Warrier has been a product leader in the Electrical industry working with multiple solutions over the last decade. He has been helping customers find effective solutions to their design challenges, drawing from R&D experience in software, hardware and solutions development. He is a self-professed foody and loves to dabble in gastronomic alchemy as often as possible. The main focus for Sanu continues to be Eliminating inefficiencies, improving design processes and reducing costs to improve your competitive advantage.

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