Out of the Workshop into the World – The Unveiling of E³.EDM

As an EDA developer that likes to craft software from scratch in our own workshop, our teams typically hole up for a while between new products. They sharpen their tools, then there’s some hammering and sawing, a lot of measuring twice and cutting once, much discussion and sucking in of air through teeth. Finally, the team emerges blinking into the daylight to let go of their technology and launch a product into the world.

In reality our workshop is a state-of-the-art office in Bremen, housing a team of some of the sharpest minds in their field. They work continuously with customers to make sure their masterpiece integrates with and empowers their users. But there is the same sense of finality when releasing a new product into the world whether you are using traditional craftsmanship or computers and algorithms.

Because each product takes years of vision, testing and pilots, we were excited to hit the road to meet members of the technical press and utter those happy words “new product”.

Launching European-style

Zuken recently launched E3.EDM to provide native engineering data management for E3.series. It’s the first engineering data management (EDM) system specifically for electrical and fluid design to reach the market, developed by the joint venture Zuken Contact GmbH & Co. KG.

Before the launch in London we treated the press to a preview over breakfast at the smart Mosimann’s Private Dining Club in Belgravia. The restaurant is owned by the renowned TV chef Anton Mosimann OBE, who we later discovered was a chef at the evening wedding reception of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton in Buckingham Palace. Our eggs were suitably fantastic! We had some insightful questions from the group of editors who joined us in person and by phone.

We then turned our eyes to Germany, to one of the most important events of the year for the European electric automation sector – SPS Drives in Nuremberg. It was a great opportunity to meet with the assembled throng of journalists who put some challenging questions about E3.EDM to our technical team. There were sweeping views over the fair and the historical Nürnberger Reichsparteitag building during lunch, while we took individual questions.

What the press said

Check out these links to see some of the media response to E3.EDM:

The show goes on in 2014

Our global teams are out and about at conferences and exhibitions near you.

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