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The 2016 Electronics Components and Technology Conference from the IEEE

In the USA, we recently attended the IEEE’s annual Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) in Vegas (hot, hot hot). There was lots of talk about 3D packaging and the latest package architectures. Not our traditional realm you might be thinking, but this is changing.  Zuken was present to discuss how we support the industry in the area of chip/package/board co-design and the electronics and PCB design process as a whole.

The Zuken booth with 3D visuals, simulation previews and native editing in 3D

Our booth was packed with 3D visuals showing chip/package/board co-design, providing a glimpse of our solutions in the co-design space. Many questions centered around how Zuken handled simulations. The answer is, they are dealt with by fast integration and interfacing to external state-of-the-art simulation tools. Passers-by were impressed by the ability of CR-8000 Design Force to natively view and edit data in 3D mode, and its ability to bring in RDL routing, package and PCB design within the same view – to enable true co-design.

Hot topics

The stunning Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan, the host venue – a perfect escape from the 100-degree temps outside

The ECTC technical sessions were packed with academics and industry technical leaders, presenting papers on a wide variety of topics, with some key themes revolving around 3D packaging, and novel package architectures. 3DIC and TSV received more coverage from an assembly and materials/processing perspective. Other related topics included modeling of thermal, structural and electrical aspects inclusive of signal and power integrity. The big “hot topic” in the consumer market – wearables – had an entire track devoted to it with papers on flex designs, reliability and sensors.

As a first time attendee I could see the passion attendees and exhibitors have for this event – as it brings together the best in an environment of cooperation and technical exchange. We’ll certainly be back in 2017.

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Faiza Ahmad is a Marketing Communications and Event Manager for Zuken USA. She works out of the Zuken SOZO Center in Milpitas, California.