Electronic Component Datasheet Search Engine

Imagine Your Favourite Internet Search Engine, but for Datasheets

Finding electronic component datasheets isn’t always easy. Actually, let’s be frank for a moment, there are occasions where it can be an incredibly frustrating process. Finding the right information can be the most time-consuming element of PCB footprint and schematic creation. In fact, a study by Aberdeen Group* found that engineers can spend up to 50% of their time on component-related activities  – which is a lot of time away from actually designing PCBs.

Electronic Component Datasheet Search Engine

Does this process ring any bells?

  • You think you’ve found the right part, only to get a ‘404: Not found error’, a revised version of the part, or the part number is out by one digit and the datasheet you end up with is for something entirely different.
  • Or, you find the right part, but there’s no datasheet attached.
  • So you keep going until you finally get the datasheet and it’s time to relax.
  • …Until you realize the datasheet doesn’t include the package information.
  • …And you’re off again.

We used to call this the “infinite loop of disappointment”. Try not to bang your head against your monitor at this point.

One search to end other fruitless searches

It’s a common complaint that there are no defined standards and so there’s no ‘right’ way to find parts information. A few years ago this bugged us so much that we decided to find a solution ourselves and SamacSys was born.

We’ve had lots of twists and turns – it was a huge thing to take on, after all – but now we have more than 11 million parts in our free Component Search Engine. Importantly, these parts have all been checked and we’re as sure as we can be they’re accurate, and we build footprints to the IPC-7351 standard. If your part isn’t listed, we create the symbol, footprint and in most cases the 3D model quickly for you, allowing you to get on with your designs.

It’s always about integration

What CADSTAR users will notice when working with SamacSys parts, compared to other providers, is the tight integration with the tool. When you click ‘download component’ in the CADSTAR window, you can see the schematic, symbol, PCB footprint or 3D model instantly in your design. You don’t need to go through any other manual steps to add the downloaded information into your library before adding a new part into your design. You can also compare stock and prices from supported vendors such as Digi-Key, RS, Mouser, Farnell and more.

So why not give it a try now and check out the new Web Part Search for Zuken PCB design tools. It’s all FREE, so what have you got to lose!

This post was brought to you by James Dobie, senior member of the library content team at SamacSys. He likes two wheels instead of four, and fishing….a lot!

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