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Engineers Drop Print in Favor of Online Information

Do you still read real papers and magazines? What I mean by REAL is a printed copy that you can physically leaf through, doodle on and toss in the recycling bin when you’re done. As you are reading this blog right now, you’re likely among the growing proportion of people who don’t really bother with paper magazines anymore. Maybe you don’t want to be burdened by physical paper that might be out of date, and instead want real-time information at your finger-tips i.e., through your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Age matters – how engineers obtain data and engineering support

In October 2012 UBM Tech did a study to obtain a global snapshot of engineering attitudes and information requirements. They looked at how engineers of different ages gathered data and went about getting technical support and found:

  • Just starting engineers, defined as being less than 10 years in the profession, are more likely to use online resources or participate in communities and forums.
  • Engineers with 10 to 30 years’ experience are more likely to use supplier or publication websites, printed publications and catalogs.
  • Prime timers with more than 30 years in the industry tend to prefer meetings and seminars.

Source: EETimes.  See the full article and an accompanying video interview

Print is in the past for EETimes in the USA and EPN in Europe

Did you hear? EETimes did its last print run at the end of 2012. It’s pretty serious when EETimes, that has been around for forty years decides that it’s time to quit print. This trend is spreading around the world. In Europe Norway’s Elektronik i Norden in Norway is soon to wave “farewell” to print too. The pan European electronics publication EPN has also ceased publishing this month. For some publications the decision to go 100% digital comes down to cost, for others it’s about conforming to the changing preferences of their readers.

How engineers use social media

Social media used regularly by attendees of the 2012 ZIW events

We did some research of our own at the annual ZIW conferences, maybe you participated.

We asked specific questions about social media awareness and usage, and found that the most popular forms of social media used regularly are industry forums and YouTube.

And of Zuken’s social media channels this blog was used most regularly (35%), followed by Facebook (21%) and then LinkedIn (13%).

You’ll still find Zuken in print in some industry magazines, but more and more you’ll see us on websites and electronic newsletters of digital publications.

Without giving up my age I will tell you that you can find me scrolling through a news website on my tablet with a cup of tea in the morning, then thumbing through an industry magazine with lunch. Both mediums still have a place.

How about you? How do your media habits match up to the research?


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