Estimate Harness Costs

Estimate Harness Costs with Harness Builder for E3.series

I recently discussed the genesis of Harness Builder for E3.series with Joe Tito of Wiring Harness News at EWPTE in Milwaukee. Through years of experience working with harness designers and manufacturers, Zuken and I have discovered there was no easy way to quickly and efficiently use a graphical interface to create harness cost estimations and labor times for harness manufacturers. This prompted a three-year project to develop a plug-in tool to the E3.series engineering application. The project was specifically geared toward the harness manufacturing industry, to improve and enhance this shortcoming and has resulted in a tool that addresses these main areas:

  1. Intelligent components
  2. Ease of use
  3. Import/export abilities
  4. Harness testing

Wire Harness NewsWhat presents itself as an apparent manufacturing quoting tool can quite effectively be used in all sections of the engineering and manufacturing process. From the initial quoting stage, right through to the final output on a formboard, 1:1 drawing can be printed directly from the application.

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Paul Harvell Is the Product Director of E3.series. With 25 years experience working with electrical design solutions, Paul now focused on installation, implementation and training for Zuken's E3.series in different industry sectors ranging from small control panel application to vehicle wire harnessing and all the way up to power generation and distribution. He is also the architect and driving force behind the manufacturing tool, Harness Builder for E³.series.

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