Formula Student Team at Esslingen University Get Electrics Right

Last year I was approached by a guy from Esslingen University, who’d heard about us by word of mouth from a colleague who’d done an internship at Gigatronic. They had a team of student engineers working on a project to design a racecar that could compete globally, with other Universities and Colleagues in the Formula Student Program. They wanted to use our electrical design software for all the wire harness and electrical connectivity in the car and they wanted it for free. Well we couldn’t refuse. We could have, but we are not like that. These are the engineers of tomorrow after all.

The team at the University has been on the Formula Student circuit for four years already, but this time around they wanted to up their game in a BIG way. They now had a whole lot more electrical components onboard, like sensors and generally were adopting a more collaborative mechatronics approach. I could see why their simple generic software was not going to be able to give them the reliability that they needed to actually get this new car built and then maintained over the 2010 race season. It wasn’t just that, the functionality just wasn’t there to allow them to integrate all that new technology.

“Well boys, there you go. Here’s a full package of E³.series to work with.”

We knew that attitude wasn’t going to be good enough, so we invited them to our training sessions to give them every possible chance to create that radically new car that they wanted.

And the boys have done good, there’s no denying it. Congratulations to them.

The team and their new “designed with E³.series” Stallardo 10, had a successful start in the 2010 race season: they reached 8th position out of 28 Teams at their first race in Austria and in September in Italy they made it to 7th out of 50 Teams.

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Joachim Frank is Director of E3.series Business at Zuken.

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