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Formula Student Team Reach Pole Position in Spain with E3.series

You might recall that we sponsor the Esslingen University Formula Student team, and have done so for the last couple of years by providing them with E³.series software, training and support for their students to use in the design of the team’s racing car.

They’ve had a roller coaster year with the Stallardo 12, the latest version of their Formula Student race car designed with E³.series. The lows saw them experience a faulty crankshaft sensor and engine failure during the race in Germany. With the help of E³.series they took that experience from the German event, perfected the car and their tactics, and went on to acheive their season high – a win in Spain!

High scores for documentation from E³.series

Detailed 1:1 scaled harness drawing Illustrates the cross sections of the cables in the harness bundle

After an intense phase of design and manufacturing during spring and early summer, the Stallardo 12 was ready to take to the track. On July 17th the car raced for the first time at the Formula Student race in Austria.
Part of the judging process involved the team showing how they designed the car and defending their decisions; this is where the team used E³.series’ extensive documentation functions. The race judge wanted to know the details about the cross sections of the cables in the wire harness. Using E³.series, they were able to show these on a wiring diagram and earned high scores in this area.

E³.series helps with speedy problem solving

After Austria came the event in Germany, but the team had problems with engine speed. Using E³.series they were able to establish that there was a faulty crankshaft sensor. Fixing the sensor did not resolve the issue. The team used E³.series to rule out any other electrical problems and quickly established that it was a classic engine failure. So with a new engine in place they were able to complete the event successfully.

From strength to strength

Esslingen University went on to win the competition at the Spanish event!

A win for the team in Spain

Congratulations to the team for all their hard work and excellent problem solving skills.

We look forward to hearing about the team’s success with the Stallardo 13 next year, for more information check out the Rennstall Esslingen website and see the car in action in the video clips below.

Formula Student Austria

Rennstall Esslingen @ Formula Student Austria 2012 from Rennstall Esslingen on Vimeo.

Formula Student Germany

Rennstall Esslingen @ Formula Student Germany 2012 from Rennstall Esslingen on Vimeo.

Formula Student Spain

Rennstall Esslingen @ Formula Student Spain 2012 from Rennstall Esslingen on Vimeo.

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