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From Robots to Lederhosen: Just What Makes Zuken Innovation World Such a Unique Event?

Hilton Head, Paris, Bologna, Lucerne, Oxford, Frankfurt, Bangalore, Yokohama…

As the year gradually grows to a close, I am left reflecting on the brilliant Zuken events I have had the privilege to be a part of since joining Zuken in 2017. By far the most inspiring has been Zuken’s annual conferences, Zuken Innovation World. Just what makes Zuken Innovation World such a unique event?

The ZIW difference

What makes this global series of events so special is both the aspects which link them to each other as well as the elements which make each destination’s event unique. Seeing top management mingling and networking with all kinds of participants from engineers to students in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere really sets ZIW conferences apart from other industry events. It is what makes Zuken a true community.

Networking at ZIW Germany
Networking at ZIW Germany

We tend to see many of the same faces each year which is a real value. It offers the chance for customers to reconnect with each other to learn about how they overcame challenges and how they continue to optimize their businesses using Zuken solutions. 

But it is the steady stream of new faces which really brings flavor and fresh perspective to the event. It’s so satisfying for us to see how new acquaintances which were made the previous year return to ZIW and share with us how those contacts turned into new opportunities. This is something that simply wouldn’t happen if the conferences were staged as online events as so many companies are choosing to do these days. 

Local flair

Local markets, approaches, and traditions have a strong impact on the regional flavor of each conference. Alongside the industry and Zuken presentations that characterize all of the ZIWs worldwide, America’s event combined open question forums and leisure activities such as golf tournaments to bring the community together. 

Within Europe, each event was truly unique: Switzerland offered a world café format followed by an informal BBQ on beautiful Lake Lucerne. A warm family atmosphere was the hallmark of the UK and Italy conferences, with special highlights reflecting the regions’ passion for Formula 1 racing. Paris hosted an innovative industry event that integrated robots effortlessly within a brand new “green” location. This year’s ZIW Germany was a particular highlight on the European agenda. We said farewell to a beloved venue in true Zuken style: with a knock-your-socks-off Oktoberfest party. 

ZIW Germany recap video
ZIW Germany

Join us

ZIW Germany closing event

Combining learning and innovation with an open atmosphere that fosters meaningful exchanges and new friendships . . . this what Zuken Innovation World has been to me. And the best part? It’s open to everyone! Everyone is welcome: customers new and old, partners as well as those companies who just want to get to know Zuken better. All are welcome to be a part of the Zuken community and experience that very special flair that sets Zuken apart. Like a frequent customer at my local doner kebab shop, I am slowly collecting loyalty stamps for all of the worldwide events: next stop ZIW India 2020!

The 2019 conference series has come to a close, but we’re already planning for 2020. We hope you plan to join us at one or more of our ZIW conferences next year: 

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