E3.series topology vehicle

Getting Involved: E3.series Users Keen to Share Experiences and Insights

I recently concluded my whirl wind tour of both the UK (ZEDUK) and US (Z-DAC) annual meetings. The E³ track sessions (E³.series or E³.WireWorks) were broken down into Technical content, provided by Zuken and its resellers and user experiences, which were very kindly provided by our customers, who I thank greatly and will mention later on.

E³.Topology – Schematic and control panel linked through to topological view of plant layout – select to enlarge

I had the pleasure of presenting at the E³ track sessions in both shows and the interaction and feedback from the audience was excellent.

Greeted with excitement from both sides of the pond was our new Topology module which certainly fired up the imagination of many of our guests all looking to see how their processes can utilize this excellent functionality.

It’s all well and good Zuken telling users how good our tools are, we’re supposed to!  But what was fantastic to see was our customers’ willingness to share their experiences, the community really got into the swing and by the end we had users who had not even prepared a paper volunteering to stand up and show how they had used E³.

Interestingly enough we had invited prospects to both shows and when some newer members of our team found out about this they were quite concerned at the possible outcome, but they needn’t have worried as they were all assured by our customers and our openness.

From the feedback I can see that the Zuken E³ sessions were thoroughly enjoyed and users gained a lot of knowledge and ideas, they were also impressed with the direction and focus we have here in Zuken, but what I think really makes these engineering days are our users who attend and special thanks go out to the following, who all gave up not only their time to attend but also found time to write and present a white paper;

  • Mr Baddrie Jones, Electro Motive Diesels, for his presentation on the ‘Wiring Solution and Teamcenter Integration’
  • Mr Timothy Yarbrough, ‘Getting more value from an E³ Project’
  • Mr Christopher of Groft AAI Corporation for his presentation of ‘Late for the Game… A beginner’s guide’
  • Ms Mary Ann Almond, ‘Custom Programming for Multiple Output Format and Types’
  • Mr Stewart Hill, ‘E³.series in 3 different organizations’

I also need to add a thank you to Andrew Miller from Harsco Rail who had nothing prepared but still stood up and shared his experience of using E³ within Harsco.

My sincere thanks to all who participated and i look forward to next year.

Were you part of the E³ sessions? Let me know your feedback below, plus if you have an idea for a presentation next year, all suggestions are welcome.

Finally… Don’t forget there is E3.seriesWorld

Don’t think that the community sharing now has to wait 12 months for the next conference. I would recommend you head over to LinkedIn and become a member of our E3.series Group

It is a self-run community of like-minded users, or those with an interest in E³.series. Becoming a member allows you to network with other users by sharing your knowledge and experiences whilst also staying informed on the latest product related press releases and related blog articles from Zuken.

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