The Global Gathering of Your Design Community

Zuken Innovation WorldIf you haven’t got your local European ZIW conference in your diary for 2017, then you might just want to.


If you’re not already a hardcore ZIW-er, and remain on the fence about what it can really do for your business, give me a moment…or two…I’ll be quick.

It’s your one chance to be part of the annual gathering of the electrical and electronic design community for:

  • Networking
  • Information sharing
  • Catching up with old friends/colleagues

It’s also the best place to get a comprehensive update on where Zuken is going as a company on a global, regional and local level, in your own language.

  • Our focus on customer challenges and next generation business and design issues
  • Our investments
  • Our commitment to innovation

You’ll also get product visions across the electrical and electronic design environment. We don’t publish these anywhere so you can only see them in person for:

Finally, it’s your chance to listen to other users talk first-hand about their experiences using Zuken software. You can’t get that sort of candid discussion and learning opportunity online.

So go on, take the chance to go live. You never know what you’ll learn.

Don’t miss out!


Here are the dates for your calendars. Germany’s first up so you’ll need to be quick for that one.

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