Improve Communication with E3.Drawing Notes Manager

The ultimate goal of creating drawings and schematics is to enable an efficient manufacturing process and to simplify the maintenance cycles thereafter. However, clearly communicating design requirements and logic is prone to being excessively complicated, leading to questions, delays and errors. In addition to manufacturing requirements, consistent, detailed and concise notes providing insights into the design intent are essential to achieving and maintaining a high-velocity production process without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

E3.Drawing Notes Manager makes managing and automating notes generation in E3.series easier than ever. Designers can centrally manage notes in a project – including images – to quickly provide clear and concise information to manufacturing. Why are we talking about notes? Surely notes have been added in drawings for as long as drawings have existed and must be an efficient process! Perhaps not. Let’s explore how you can improve communication with E3.Drawing Notes Manager.

Flying under the radar

It is not surprising that notes, by far, are the most forgotten and ignored sections of productivity and quality improvement initiatives. The old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes into play often in relation to the creation and management of notes in a drawing. However, take a closer look at the notes process and the overwhelming evidence of an unproductive and archaic manual process becomes apparent.

The creation and maintenance of notes is traditionally a manual process. The notes are added one at a time on individual drawings and in some cases, flags are assigned to the related devices. In some cases, the notes are standardized if the same set-up is used multiple times, mainly through tribal knowledge. The more common theme though is to create notes on a project-by-project basis with minimal consistency.

Key benefits

Communication and standardization

  • Effectively manage text and pictures together to improve communication of design intent.
  • Assembly, manufacturing and support details on a drawing help increase productivity across the entire process.
  • Note placement and control is configurable to ensure company standards can be followed with ease.
  • Five different note indicator shapes can be used to assist identification based on company standards.

Ease of use

  • An inbuilt editor helps users manage notes internally without relying on third-party applications.
  • Manage multiple collections of notes to handle variances in requirements across projects.
  • Bulk editing and updates of notes make it easier to manage individual drawing notes.

Time savings

  • Re-use of notes by bulk import or individual note application saves time across multiple projects.
  • With a click of a button, automatically number notes across multiple drawings with the ability to re-sequence the numbers as required without the risk of duplication.

Note creation is automated and augmented with the help of a single interface for all notes.

A collection of notes can be managed for multiple scenarios in case of variation in project or customer requirements.

Why you need a notes manager

Enabling manufacturing is essential for creating drawings and schematics. E3.Drawing Notes Manager eliminates the risk of this crucial step becoming excessively complicated, leading to questions, delays, and errors on the manufacturing end. The ability to manage the instructions and provide crucial notes right inside the drawing should be a common practice for any engineering team.

Every engineering team needs an easy way to manage all the notes and information related to a project in order to get their designs out faster and make them effective for manufacturing and support.  A standard notes repository – one that is reused and shared across the design team – helps maintain consistency across projects and disciplines.

Learn more about E3.Drawing Notes Manager in this video and reach out to us if you have any questions about how it will fit into your process and help meet your needs.

E3.Drawing Notes Manager is sold in limited regions. Please contact your local account manager for details on availability in your area.

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Sanu Warrier has been a product leader in the Electrical industry working with multiple solutions over the last decade. He has been helping customers find effective solutions to their design challenges, drawing from R&D experience in software, hardware and solutions development. He is a self-professed foody and loves to dabble in gastronomic alchemy as often as possible. The main focus for Sanu continues to be Eliminating inefficiencies, improving design processes and reducing costs to improve your competitive advantage.

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