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Integrating Synopsys Saber Simulator with E3.series… Why?

Today I’m going to talk to you about how we integrated Synopsys’ Saber Simulator with our electrical CAD software E³.series and the history behind this story.

You might be aware that we’ve been working with Synopsys for some years now, partnering together with our solutions to provide an integrated design flow for engineers. I’m pleased to report things are still going really well and we continue to work on improving the integration between our tools. That’s the cool thing about not developing and controlling all the design tools for the whole design cycle, is that we get to pick and choose to work with some of the best players and technology in the market place to complement our innovative technology.

The decision to integrate Synopsys Saber Simulator with E³.series

The crux of it is, we wanted to provide better support to electrical engineers working on wire harness and cable design – whether that’s in the automotive or aviation industries or for mechanical engineering.

It’s all in the checking and the concept of saving money by reducing prototypes. For the products from the industries above the conventional approach after the design of the systems is to build a real prototype. In the automotive industry alone, a single prototype can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars/euros. If you can cut just one of these out of the process, you can save a lot of money, so manufacturers are eager to perform checks in the virtual phase, using simulation. We’ve found that by integrating Synopsys’s Saber solution with our electrical design solution E³.series we can go a long way to helping our customers reduce prototypes.

Why Saber?

While Saber has been around for a long time it is by no means an outdated tool. Synopsys has done a lot of work to keep the simulator in line with the latest technology and I guess the popularity of it is evidence of how good it remains. Saber is used by many of our customers, maybe you included? And if we are honest, this is the biggest driving force – giving our users the integrated technology they need to push the technology boundaries.


The technology that allows E³.series and Saber to work together is called E³.Saber Frameway which has been created to allow you to perform functional checks on your wiring and fluid designs and then secondly to optimize your existing circuits. You can find out more here.

Next time I will share with you more details about the practicalities of using E³.SaberFrameway.

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