Kellenberger Cut Time Required for Customer-Specific Electrical Schematics by 90%

Marcel Keller

“We consider it an essential aspect of our customer service to save our customers the pain of figuring out their configuration” – Marcel Keller, Engineering Team Manager, Kellenberger

I recently heard about some great design automation results from a Swiss company that has implemented a new electrical design methodology with E3.series. It sounded like they’d achieved huge time savings and found a way of continuing to meet their ambitious customer service goals – even with levels of design complexity rising.

I decided it was worth a trip over the border to Kellenberger in St. Gallen to find out more. And as well as being rewarded by some beautiful scenery, I got a first-hand insight into the way the company implemented E3.series to automate schematics generation for their customer-specific machine configurations.

About Kellenberger

Kellenberger develops numerically-controlled precision grinding machines and systems for sectors such as automotive, medical devices and industrial machinery.

Time savings, simplification and reduced effort for customization

One comment in particular from  Roman Surer, engineering hardware specialist at Kellenberger, impressed me:

With E³.series it is now possible to filter an individual schematic for any customer specific machine configurations, resulting in a time reduction of between 4-8 hours to around 5-30 minutes.”

They also managed to:

  • Significantly simplify the machine configuration process by introducing options and variants.
  • Reduce the effort to generate a customized set of electrical documentation for each machine. They can now generate individual schematics automatically.

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