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How Do Design Engineers Take Their Coffee?

Zuken-Coffee-Decal-72dpi-blue-flag-transparentIt’s National Coffee Day, and what better way to celebrate this made-up holiday than to share the results of our annual coffee survey?

Zuken sponsored the Peet’s Coffee cart again at PCB West this year, and again it generated quite a buzz on the show floor! More than 230 attendees stopped by to visit with us and enjoy a free cup of coffee. The only thing we asked in return was that they answer three quick questions, the first of which was, “How do you take your coffee?”.

Now this group really likes their pick-me-up and we were busiest around 10:30am and 1:30pm with people running from our booth to the barista cart with just minutes to spare before closing time. We found that the majority like it light and sweet with cream and sugar (42%). The purists out there who like it black numbered slightly higher this year (31%). Next came cream only (19%) followed by the Coffee chartsugar only preference (3%) and another group who don’t like it at all (3%). The interesting thing is that the results are a near perfect match to last year’s numbers. So is it coffee drinkers who are set in their ways, or is it designers and engineers? Think about the next time you step up to the counter and place your order…

If all this coffee talk has you craving your favorite brew, here’s where you can score a free cup today to celebrate the holiday.

Besides our coffee research, Zuken’s goal at PCB West was to continue the conversation about 3D product-centric design methodology and show attendees how that can dramatically improve their own design processes. Our team of experts delivered three technical papers and 5 sessions in our theater on the show floor. If you want learn more about product-centric design, take a cloud-based CR-8000 Test Drive.

Thanks again to the PCB West organizers for delivering another successful event. Attendance was record-setting again this year and exhibitors packed a sold-out show floor. We look forward to participating next year. Be sure to stop by our booth to grab a cup of coffee and “Get to Know Zuken”!

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