New years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – How you can make the most of your E3.series installation in the new year

New year’s resolutions are a great way of reflecting the past year and setting goals for the new one. With most people dropping their new year’s resolutions by February it is important to keep them realistic and to keep going after setbacks. Each day is a new opportunity to continue moving forward towards a goal. To help you achieve your goals in 2020 we have compiled a list of ways of how you can increase your productivity and make the most of your E3.series license. 

  1. Download high-quality electrical component data for free from the Zuken Component Cloud
    Save valuable time for product development by downloading free high-quality parts available online instead of manually searching and adding information. The Plugin is provided through cooperation with CADENAS, a leading provider of online component libraries. Parts can be inserted into your project with just a few clicks. The Component Cloud can be accessed directly from the E3.series user interface.
  2. Sharpen your skills with our on-demand webinars
    Check out our webinars available on our website (Americas or Europe) and learn about electrical and fluid engineering in the internet of things era, process optimization in the plant and machinery sector or wire and harness design automation just to name a few interesting topics.
  3. Engineering process owners: Extend your PLM system with DS-E3 and manage electrical and electronic data models in their native format
    In addition to a reduced integration overhead, this enables detailed where-used analyses on a component level as well, as the management of variants and options, which would require exceptional integration efforts if it was to be implemented in a (mechanically-oriented) PDM-environment. This can be provided only by a component-level domain data management system, such as Zuken’s DS-E3.
  4. Identify errors using E3.eCheck
    Deleting or disconnecting a wire on an accident can happen at any stage of the design process. Ditch the printouts and highlighter pens for checking your work by using E3.eCheck. As an extension to E3.series it enables users to functionally analyze their electrical schematic circuits and check designs for fuse and wire sizing errors.
  5. Take training courses and become an E3.series, expert user
    Take a look at our scheduled training courses. They are available online for North America and in many locations in Europe and can also be held as on-site training if requested. Fill out the form on our website and we will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.
  6. Automotive engineers: Optimize your process chain and go lighter and greener
    Zuken provides powerful tools for the evolving automotive industry. The E3.WiringSystemLab allows the optimization of wire harnesses with an unprecedented degree of speed and accuracy. A substantial reduction of ramp-up and optimization cycles is not the only benefit. The E3.series with its automotive modules enable engineers to develop lighter and therefore greener wire harnesses to prepare customers for the smart cars of the future.

Adopting these best practices will help you with self-improvement and will free up time that you can now allocate towards other goals on your new year’s resolution list like learning an entirely new skill or looking after your mental health by reducing stress and improving your work-life balance. Whatever they may be, now it is up to you to make 2020 the best year yet. 

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