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E3.series Off Sheet Connections

Tech Tip: Creating Off Sheet Connections in E3.series

This video walks through the process of creating connections that span more than one page in E3.series. This process comes in handy if your schematic sheet gets too crowded or your signal continues to another part of the schematic. When you assign off sheet connectors, the system understands that the signal continues onto a different sheet(s).

Electrical Design and Yummy Green Chicken

Electrical Design and Yummy Green Chicken

The burning question here (no pun intended) must be, “What does chicken have to do with electrical design?” and in truth, the answer is absolutely nothing! The thought of Green Chicken came to mind because of the warm days in the middle of winter – I wanted to fire up the barbeque. Many of my camping trips and barbeques would have been less memorable without the inclusion of this dish. If I am going camping with my friends, it is automatically expected that Green Chicken will be on the menu. Having said that, there are some great parallels to be drawn between cooking and design, give this recipe a try and let me know how it turned out.

Save Manufacturing Time

Lower Manufacturing Costs with XJTAG’s New Design Gateway Plugin

XJTAG has partnered with Zuken create a new plugin for Design Gateway and is offering it free of charge. The plugin, called XJTAG DFT Assistant, helps to validate correct JTAG chain connectivity, while displaying boundary scan access and coverage onto the schematic diagram through full integration with Design Gateway. So if you are using boundary scan today or want to incorporate it in your next design, the XJTAG DFT Assistant plugin is a tool you should be using