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Faster Printed Circuit Boards

Faster Board Speeds Demand Constraint-driven Design

Do you still use Post-it Notes? Invented in 1979, this simple, yet incredibly powerful, communication mechanism is still commonly found in engineering and design departments. Despite modern electronic communication, many companies still struggle to provide a replacement for their ease-of-use and versatility. 


Data – The Secret of Success Under Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, a.k.a. the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR), is a hot topic because most of us are either taking our first steps in this world, or we’re preparing to.

Clearly, earlier industrial revolutions were all about making better use of resources (e.g. burning coal to make steam), people (e.g. workers in factories) and, latterly, electricity and computer-controlled automation. For each revolution, the companies that did well were early adopters of the technology and practices of the day, and they recognised waste when they saw it.

ECAD Automation Tools

Using Automated ECAD Tools When Quoting Wire Harnesses

Generating quotes for manufacturing can be a complicated and cumbersome process. It’s a complaint I’ve heard often across many industries. While precious resources are dedicated to tracking parts, long lead items, part costs vs. labor, etc., the manual process leads to gaps, errors and delays. This will hurt your bottom line across the board.