Dark Coffee

The Not-so-Sweet Side of PCB Designers and Engineers

The Zuken-sponsored barista cart was the place to be at PCB West this year. Who can resist of cup of Peet’s Coffee – especially when it’s free? As in past years, we asked booth visitors to take a short survey about how they take their coffee. Since tomorrow is National Coffee Day, we thought we’d share the results of that survey with you.

Not-so-sweet results

Just when we were starting to think that PCB folks were set in their ways, they threw us a change-up. While cream and sugar is still the way most prefer their coffee (39%), we found that designers and fabricators aren’t so sweet on sugar this year with the overall sugar options tallied at 6% lower than in past years. We even had 1% who preferred Diet Coke over coffee! Do you think people are making better choices and eliminating what’s bad for them, or are tastes changing?

PCB West 2017 Coffee Survey Results


Craving change?

Maybe that’s a cue that things in the industry are changing too. 75% of those surveyed said they want to improve their flex circuit manufacturing productivity. And on top of that, a whopping 82% want to shorten the PCB prototyping process. With so many innovations in design software and fabrication materials, it’s no wonder companies are seeking change.

If you stopped by our booth or attended one of our sessions at the conference, you had a chance to see change in action. While we were showing attendees how to improve their flex circuit designs by incorporating DFM checks, Nano Dimension was showcasing the latest in 3D printing technology. To learn more about how Zuken and Nano Dimension are teaming up to offer changes for improvement, have a look at this video provided by our friends at Sierra Circuits.

Sweet deals on FREE coffee

That’s a wrap for our annual survey results. Thanks to the entire PCB West team who delivered another exceptional conference with high attendee numbers and a bustling sold-out show floor. We look forward to participating in 2018 and seeing you there. Until then, I’ve found a few sweet deals on free coffee tomorrow. So grab a cup, settle in and read a few of our other blog posts, and “Get to Know Zuken.”

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