Prevent Ghosting in CR-8000 Design Force

Tech Tip: Prevent Ghosting When Cursor Passes over Template Area in CR-8000

Ghosting of the template areas can be seen when dragging the cursor over its outline regardless of the visibility of the template layers. This will happen when the template layers are set as “Selectable layer” in the Layer Settings dialog. This is most common so the designer can select templates regardless of the active layer. If you prefer not to see the ghosting and still want to reference the template outlines, you can do the following:

  • Set the Layer Style to “No width” for the layers used for templates. This can be done in “Layer Settings” by selecting the style box in the “View style” column next to the layer name.

The following video will show a quick demonstration of this. For more CR-8000 tips, please visit the Zuken Americas Community.

Written by

Jeff Perry is an Applications Engineer at Zuken USA.

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