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SolidWorks Users – Unite Your Electrical Design and Mechanical Design Departments… in 3 Minutes

As an electrical engineer I used to hate doing design rework – it’s human nature. You spend time concentrating on doing your part of the design process to the best of your ability only for it to be undone when the mechanical engineers decide their part of the specification needs to change… and therefore so does your design… oh, and we need it fixed now as the overall project deadline has not changed!

Thankfully advances in working practices and more importantly software functionality, have meant a lot of these frustrations can be taken away, or at least eased.  Your electrical and mechanical design environments can be seamlessly integrated and you can transfer data between departments reducing the amount of time spent on rework… and at the same time take advantage of integrated toolsets that work in crossover areas such as panel, harness and piping design.

How close are your mechanical engineers with your electrical or fluid engineers?

Honestly, how close is the relationship between your electrical or fluid designers and your mechanical designers? When I’m talking close, I’m referring to working collaboratively together on a design/project, not if you hang out drinking beer after work together. 😉

Often the truth that I encounter is, “It’s OK, but it could be better”. And many times it’s the design environments and infrastructures that get in the way, not the willingness.

There might be other barriers, but these are the starting points.

E³.WireWorks seamlessly integrates to SolidWorks providing a bridge between electrical and mechanical design environments

If your company is already using SolidWorks and is looking to improve the collaboration between electrical and mechanical design, then you really should take a look at E³.WireWorks.

Our guy, Pat Hackney, did a webinar recently that shows you how the software can work together and integrate into your SolidWorks processes to allow…

  • Collaboration between mechanical, fluid and electrical engineering departments
  • Reduce design cycle times by minimizing iterations between design departments
  • Maximize the design space in an electro-mechanical assembly.

In 3 minutes… we could dramatically cut your rework time

Below is a 3 minute preview of this 50 minute webinar. I encourage you to watch this short overview and then, if you feel it is appropriate for your needs, check out the full 50 minute version on our main website (see the link at the end of this post).

Written by

Dipl. Inf. Wiss. Ulrich Prottung, E3.series Product Manager, studied Information Science at the University of Konstanz. He has worked for over 25 years in the electrical CAD business, having worked in many different roles, amongst others as General Customer Support Manager. Some years he taught at the University of Applied Sciences Ulm.