San Jose, California

New SOZO Center celebration at PCB West!

Last week I was in sunny California, attending the grand opening of the new Innovation Center in Silicon Valley. What an occasion! It was all sun, fast cars, rockets, motorbikes and lots of customers, partners, friends and media.

The setting was poolside at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency on a beautiful September evening. And we were lucky enough to have some of our customers showcase their wares.

A special thanks goes to our spotlight customers, Zero Motorcycles, ATK and Fiat for their participation. Zero Motorcycles from Scotts Valley, California exhibited two very cool electric motorcycles that everyone wanted to take for a ride. Fiat rolled in a sporty red Fiat Abarth for everyone to check out. ATK brought along a great model of the internals of a solid rocket booster. Cars, motorcycles and rockets – engineering heaven.

Zero Motorcycles

In order to have plenty of time to mingle, have informal conversation, and check out the cool stuff, the official program was only about 15 minutes. Dave Gullickson (Zuken USA’s GM) was joined by Jinya Katsube (Zuken’s COO) to welcome our guests and share the excitement surrounding Zuken’s expansion activities in the Americas and the opening of our new office. Mr. Katsube explained that the new office will be known as the SOZO Center. SOZO in Japanese means innovation and creation, which is the mission of the new office. The new office will put engineering resources closer to the North American design community to achieve that goal.

Another special thanks goes out to Aart de Geus (Synopsys Chairman and co-CEO) and to San Jose Councilmember, Pierluigi Oliverio, for taking the time to say a few words welcoming Zuken to Silicon Valley. Their participation added a special element to the evening.

Humair Mandavia (Executive Director of the SOZO Center) ended the evening with a champagne toast noting the excitement and commitment surrounding the new office.

Pierluigi Oliverio, David Gullickson, Aart de Geus, Jinya Katsube, Humair Mandavia

Overall, a pleasant evening of music, food, and conversation in a relaxed setting. And let’s not forget the fantastic chocolates on the way out. A perfect ending to an exceptional evening!

To see even more photos from the event, go to this link…

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