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NASA Partner Stone Aerospace Saves $20,000 and 12 Weeks Thanks to E3.series

Stone Aerospace, a partner in NASA’s Europa Clipper mission concept, was under a tight deadline when NASA tasked the Texas-based company with designing a one-of-a-kind underwater autonomous vehicle (AUV). The AUV was built to perform deep under Antarctic ice – the most Jupiter-like condition on Earth – and serve as a prototype for a future mission to Europa.

E3.series Deployment Highlights:

  • Eliminated $20,000 of cable rework and expedited delivery costs
  • Reduced design cycle by 12 weeks
  • Viewed the electrical and physical design of the entire craft in one hierarchal view
  •  Improved design team collaboration
  • Ensured correct connector selections with automated checks

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Bob Potock is Vice President of Marketing for Zuken USA, Inc. and has held positions at companies that include Altium, Mentor Graphics, AT&T Bell Labs and Intel. Bob enjoys living in Colorado and a range of outside activities that include mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing and golf.

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