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Aerospace Design TechnologyIntense and complicated approvals processes and 100% reliability have a dramatic impact on product development within the aerospace industry. Design environments need to guarantee accuracy and traceability while enabling the adoption of the latest technology for in-flight comfort and safety.

Innovation in the aviation industry invariably involves an increase in electronic and electrical complexity.

Aerospace Cabling Wiring

How to Handle 300 Miles of Electrical Wiring

Aircraft electrical design projects tend to be very large and extremely complex. The challenges associated with managing the sheer number of wires (required for avionics systems, engines, sensors, in-flight-entertainment etc.) is frequently compounded by the distances some signals must travel within the airframe, passing through several harnesses on route. For example, an Airbus A380 – with its wingspan of almost 80m and a nose-to-tail length of almost 73m – allegedly has around 480km (300 miles) of wiring.

Stone Aerospace

NASA Partner Stone Aerospace Saves $20,000 and 12 Weeks Thanks to E3.series

Stone Aerospace, a partner in NASA’s Europa Clipper mission concept, was under a tight deadline when NASA tasked the Texas-based company with designing a one-of-a-kind underwater autonomous vehicle (AUV). The AUV was built to perform deep under Antarctic ice – the most Jupiter-like condition on Earth – and serve as a prototype for a future mission to Europa.